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OPEN SINCE: 5/18/14

Elijah’s face claim is Tom Felton and he is TAKEN.

✗ Elijah Morris

  • Age: 26
  • Year: Grad student (Teaching Assistant)
  • Major: English
  • Twitter Handle: @elijahmorris
  • Roommate: None ATM (Orange Blossom Apartments)

✗ Bio

Elijah Morris grew up in a suburban household in the state of Washington. Although he was the middle child in a family of three kids, Elijah never grew up in want of anything. His family, though riding on cusp of upper middle class for most of his life, spent many years financially unstable. As such, any hopes of Elijah growing up and attending a high-rated university to receive a higher education rested entirely on his own shoulders; from a young age, Elijah learned the value of a dollar. By the time he was in high school, his family had gained fiscal security, and while his parents were able to more frequently provide for him and his siblings, Elijah still took it upon himself to handle his own education. He spent a great deal of his adolescence working part time at a local restaurant and struggling to receive high marks in school. Though he had difficulty in math and science, he excelled in the liberal arts…and so when he received a partial scholarship for winning an essay contest and approval from his bank to take out student loans, Elijah was all set to attend Briarwood University.

And attend, he did.

Though the out-of-state tuition would have been ridiculous otherwise, grants, his partial scholarship (which he was able to maintain and stabilize throughout his years as an undergrad), and his student loan agreement allowed Elijah to attend school in California and spend his holidays at home in Washington with the rest of his family. After enduring four years of fulfilling credits, interning, volunteering for the university, and engaging in nearly every aspect of student life he found beneficial to his degree and career, Elijah Morris graduated from Briarwood University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Education. As an ed major, Elijah spent his senior year at Briarwood volunteering and working with elementary age students who struggled with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. The experience was extremely rewarding and fulfilling for the young man, despite the fact that early childhood education was not his target audience. Following his graduation, Elijah returned to Washington for a year in search of work. Finding that his options back home were limited (and his fascination with teaching grew with each and every day), Elijah chose to return to Briarwood as a grad student with the full intent of receiving a degree that would make him eligible to teach upperclassmen…and eventually, down the road, university students.

Elijah’s uncertain of how his extended time at Briarwood will go, but at the moment, that hardly matters. He’s returned as a grad student, his classes are both fulfilling and entertaining, and he’s received the opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant for one of the university’s English professors. So, whatever may happen, Elijah Morris is one hundred percent certain he can handle it.

And he’s ready to start the rest of his life.

✗ Personality

Elijah is generally very approachable and extremely kind-hearted. He’ll help anyone who asks and is more than willing to tutor students who may be struggling with course material. Quite obviously, as a bookworm, Elijah is prone to go off into tangents and rants about various pieces of literature he’s read, and as such, his reading list is never-ending. In turn, he typically gets along best with people who are either passionate about their own education, enjoy reading, or are at all interested in the arts. Ideally, he’d enjoy hanging out with a group of people whose tastes are similar to his own.

Though he can be relatively reserved and quiet, he’s not averse to partying. He doesn’t make a habit of going out every weekend, of course, but has spent his fair share of time out at various bars, clubs, and social functions with both his friends back home in Washington and the ones he’s made (and hopes to make) at Briarwood. 

✗ Positive & Negative Traits

As far as Elijah’s more positive traits go, he’s very kind and welcoming, is very intellectual, and is a very driven and determined sort of character. Years of hard work, respect for labor, and studying to receive the scholarship he attended school on as an undergrad helped to mold and shape Elijah into the respectable young man he is today.

Negatively, however—and Elijah, like every other human being, has his fair share of detrimental traits—he can be quick to make assumptions, can occasionally come across as reserved and quiet, and is extremely opinionated. Plenty of research helped Elijah to shape firm opinions on nearly every matter from a young age, and while he might not always express how he feels about certain issues, you can be certain he’s already formulated his own idea about it. He’s introverted by nature, which occasionally makes him quiet and reserved among small groups of people or when he’s pushed into large crowds, and it’s only when he’s teaching that Elijah’s able to forget about all of his social anxiety. Likewise, he jumps the gun rather quickly and often times comes up with conclusions to issues before he should. 

✗ Sexuality


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