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Everything you need to know before applying to Briarwood! You can also find all necessary links under our navigation.
OPEN SINCE: 5/18/14
Anonymous asked:
Would it be possible to have the characters vote on things occasionally? There's always the idea of voting for people earning certain titles, like "Most Likely To Succeed" or "The Goofball" or something. I think it would be fun for the characters and the rpers. (:

The admins have actually mentioned and discussed that a few times! I’m definitely open to the idea, but I’ll make sure to speak with Admin H about it so we can get one another’s opinions on the matter!

Hey hey hey! Admin H here! Drop by and check us out, and if you’re interested, send in an app for an OC or premade character! And feel free to submit any FC requests or changes you have in mind :)

Got any questions for us? Send them our way! The admins will release information regarding the next group challenge very soon!

Good morning, everyone! Admin D will be on and offline for most of the day, as this is my day off work! So go ahead and submit your applications…the more we get, the sooner we can accept another batch!

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Admin D is on duty and ready to accept any and all applications and questions you guys have for us!

Hey everyone, Admin H is here as well! Send in those apps—we’d love to have you as part of the RPG!

Announcement: EVENT NEWS!

We’re pleased to see that people are partaking in Briarwood’s first official para matchmaking challenge, and we can’t wait to finish writing up everyone’s points and awarding you all para points that you can eventually use to “spend” stuff with! When originally creating the post, the admins stated that the para matchmaking challenge would go on for one week. However, we’d like to make a few announcements in regards to the event:

  • We’re giving everyone until this Thursday to wrap up any paras they have going on. 
  • Don’t forget to create your para matchmaking page so that we can properly award you points (you can find an example of that page here.)
  • If your partner has been either inactive or left during the event but youv’e been around and have attempted to reach out to them, let us know. We’ll still award you points, because you made an effort to participate in the challenge.

And with that being said, have fun wrapping up your paras, everyone! Para matchmaking challenges are a great way to have your characters interact with new and randomized people for longer periods of time, and we love seeing all of the interactions on the dash!

- Brirawood Team

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Hello everyone, admin D here! I’ll be online to do a few admin duties since I just got off work, so in the mean time, stop on by and apply! We’ve got plenty of pre-made characters open as well as the opportunity to create your own OCs; the possibilities are endless!